The Churches Team


Winchester St Cross Office Staff 

Melissa Long
Melissa Long Contracts Manager
Melissa joined Corrigenda in 2015 to assist Paul and Tony with business development activities. Melissa is a keen and dedicated individual who has a keen eye for an opportunity.
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    Corrigenda Group
    Corrigenda GroupCentral Support
    Whilst Lawrence and his team receives the benefits and support of the parent company the owners are passionate that the business is allowed to operate and deliver as a local business.
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      Mike Johnson
      Mike JohnsonMulti Skilled
      Mike Johnson is Churches’ technical lead, very much hands on and fully qualified to give guidance to customers, and is the person to go to for quotations. Mike is an example of an individual who successfully completed an apprenticeship with the business and has developed into an excellent member of the team.  Mike has an […]
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